About Circular

Powering a More Efficient
Recycled Plastics Value Chain

Making plastic manufacturing more sustainable requires new ideas. With data, software and AI, we’re creating liquidity in a previously illiquid market — and promoting more innovation throughout the value chain.


Climate change is rapidly impacting consumer demand, legislation, technology and global economics. It is inevitable that manufacturers will transition to sustainable commodities and efficient digital workflows. The question is not if but when. Circular's mission is to power and expedite that industrial evolution.

We solve the core issues blocking manufacturers from adopting sustainable materials, namely availability, price and consistent quality. Our digital platform includes a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers easily at network scale; supply chain tools to manage testing, logistics and de-risk material inconsistencies; plus emissions measurement tools to increase the total value of using PCR.

As we grow we will expand to adjacent sustainable categories beyond our initial focus on recycled plastics, and add sophisticated financial tools to help foster global trade. Our platform makes sustainable materials more economically attractive, powers a more efficient circular supply chain, and helps transition global manufacturers to 100% sustainable commodities.

Ian Arthurs | Founder & CEO

Our Team

Seasoned experts with a track record of managing change
and building large transactional platforms.

Ian Arthurs

Founder & CEO

Shannon Gordon


James Nicolson


Ryan Gibbs


Jordan Brewer


Rob Ianelli

Supply Chain

Anne-Titia Bove



Board Member

Adam Lowry

Board Member,
Method and Ripple Foods

Meir Dardashti

Maniv Mobility

Dr. Peter Ulrich

Touchdown Ventures

Vitor Moreira


Our vision

A Feasible Path to Sustainable Manufacturing

By making recycled plastic more economically attractive, we can help the plastics industry shift to a less wasteful circular economy — and transition manufacturers to 100% sustainable commodities.

Our mission

Transition Global Manufacturers to Sustainable Materials

We aim to make sustainable sourcing more transparent and efficient. With an all-in-one platform powered by data and AI, we’re redefining sustainable sourcing by empowering manufacturers to quickly find the right materials from the right suppliers at the right price.

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