Why circular

The Revolution in
an Essential Industry

Consumers are demanding it. Governments are mandating it. Now is the time for manufacturers to increase their use of recycled plastic 
— to meet sustainability goals and build competitive advantage.




of all plastic produced
has been recycled



tons of plastics are
produced every year



of plastics will be landfilled, burned or leaked by 2040, at current rate



tons of plastic end up
in our oceans annually



CO2e of global GHG emissions are directly attributable to plastic



of plastic are ingested by the average person each week

What’s Blocking Progress?

Adoption of recycled plastics is behind target. Difficulties in finding suppliers and inconsistent PCR quality and pricing are preventing brands and manufacturers from meeting their targets.


Most manufacturers can’t find the supply to replace virgin plastic with PCR. Market data can be opaque and hard to find, while analog procurement processes make it difficult to buy PCR at scale.


PCR prices are highly volatile, and often higher than virgin plastic. This “green premium” can make companies hesitant to pursue sustainability targets and incorporate more PCR into their products.


Impurities and contamination are common in PCR, affecting the material’s color, physical properties and odor. This often makes PCR less attractive to work with compared to virgin plastic.

Legislation: A Tailwind for Change

Laws across Europe and the U.S. require manufacturers to use 25% PCR in their products by 2025 and 50% by 2030. Not meeting these goals means fines and potential backlash from consumers.

Bridging the Gap
Through Technology

Attractive economics and efficient infrastructure are needed to boost PCR adoption. AI-powered digital tools can lower the “green premium” by reducing overhead costs and increasing project value.

The Circular platform

How Circular Bridges That Gap

With Circular, manufacturers can access PCR market and supplier data on one digital platform 
— bringing together the entire value chain for faster, cheaper and smarter sourcing of recycled plastics.

Buy PCR at Scale, Easily

We digitize PCR sourcing to enable your brand to achieve sustainability goals more easily.

Lock Rates Below Market

With a digital network of over 9,000 suppliers, transparent data and online communication, negotiating the right contract price gets a whole lot easier

De-risk Supply Chain

We strive to enable plastics circularity for your enterprise, optimizing your PCR transactions to achieve sustainability goals.

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